Sunday, February 8, 2009

Darcy's Botanicals Website Coming Soon!

I am STILL listing all of my products on my official site ( as well as etsy. I am so thrilled that my site is finally secured and ready for me to load everything. I have been at the mercy of web designers for over (2) months now. The final designer, did an excellent job and I am forever grateful to him.

My intent was to start out with my dot com site. Since I had some web design work that needed to be done first, I opened an etsy shop in October '08. I didn't officially list and start selling until the 2nd week of December '08. In less than a month's time, I have garnered to date a total of 38 sales!!! Which is pretty good if I must say so myself. They say everything happens for a reason. I am grateful to etsy because it gave me a medium for getting my name out to the public.

I can now appreciate the delays with my main site now:) Many, many thanks to all the folks that purchased and liked our treats. I am just as grateful to you as well for allowing a single mom to be able to pursue her dream.

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